The Obama Administration Has Decided That Obama Can Break Any Law He Signs If Obama Decides The Law Is Unconstitutional

Obama signing statementsThe Obama administration has decided that Barack Obama can break any law he signs if Obama decides that the law in not constitutional and that he can do this whenever he wants and that he does not even have to tell anyone what he is doing.  Seriously.  At least George W. Bush informed that American people that he intended to break the laws that he was signing by including a “signing statement” when he objected to something in a bill.  As bad and as unconstitutional as that was, now the Obama administration is taking things to a whole new level by saying that even if Barack Obama signs a bill into law, the Obama administration can still break any law in that bill if the Obama administration decides that it is an “unconstitutional” limit on Obama’s power.

In essence this bring the United States even closer to a dictatorship.

If the president has the ultimate power to decide what is and what is not constitutional, and if the president also has the power to break any laws that he does not feel are constitutional, then the reality is that there are very few limits on his power.  The only limit is essentially how big of an imagination he has.

While Bush was in office, he challenged about 1,200 sections of bills, and Barack Obama continued this “signing statement” pattern during his first few months.

However, Obama has not issued a signing statement since last summer.  Last June, Obama issued a signing statement that claimed that he could openly disobey a new law requiring administration officials to push the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund to adopt certain policies that Congress wanted.

That signing statement sparked a tremendous backlash on Capitol Hill.

Since then, the Obama administration has decided that instead of issuing signing statements, Obama will just ignore the provisions of any bill that the Obama administration believes are unconstitutional.

For example, the Obama administration has flatly disregarded a new law passed by Congress that forbids State Department officials from attending United Nations meetings led by nations deemed to be state sponsors of terrorism.

So now Obama gets to essentially have his cake and eat it too.

He can sign into law the various bills sent to him by Congress but can also ignore anything in them that he does not want to follow himself.

So can anything be done about this?

The truth is that this type of thing could quickly escalate into a constitutional crisis.  But with the Democrats in charge of both Congress and the White House, the odds of Congress complaining to the Supreme Court about what Obama is doing are so low as to not even be worth mentioning.

So for right now at least, Barack Obama will get to continue to openly break many of the laws that he is signing and nothing will be done about it.

Welcome to the new Amerika. 


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