U.S. Government Healthcare On Indian Reservations Is A Nightmare

native-americanAs the debate over Obamacare intensifies, many are starting to look at places where government-run health care already exists for clues to what a nationwide system of socialized health care may look like. In particular, the U.S. government already provides health care by treaty to many of the Indian tribes across the United States, and it is not exaggerating to say that it is a total nightmare.

In fact, U.S. government-run healthcare is SO bad that there is a saying on Indian reservations about it:

“Don’t get sick after June”.


Because in the fall and winter the waits and the rationing and the level of care get so bad that in some cases people are lucky to get care at all.

So is this the kind of nightmare service that we can expect under a nationwide Obamacare system? The following news report about health care on Indian reservations should be sobering for all of us…..

As the facts about Obamacare continue to come out, more and more Americans are getting seriously pissed off. One of the best townhall meeting videos that we have seen comes from the state of Washington. U.S. Representative Brian Baird held a townhall on August 18th in Clark County, Washington, and one U.S. marine who has had enough ripped into him big time…..

The truth is that the majority of Americans do not want government-run health care.  It appears that many politicians still have  not learned that when you start messing with their health, the American people can get really, really mad.

Didn’t the Democrats learn anything from the Hillarycare disaster?  That mess was a big reason why the Republicans did so surprisingly well in the 1994 elections.  Will we see a repeat of that?

Right now Obama and the Democrats are debating whether or not to drop the “public option” from the health care reform bill.  But that is not nearly the biggest point in all of this.  The far bigger issues are to what degree the government is going to end up controlling health care in the U.S., how much rationing is going to take place to control costs, and to what extent the government is going to mandate the health care treatment choices that doctors and patients make. 

The truth is that the Democrats do NOT need a “public option” to socialize the health care system.  They can still take away our health care freedoms and keep the current health insurance system intact. 

In fact, the infrastructure for health care rationing and government control over health care treatment choices has already been passed.  It was in the stimulus bill that Democrats rushed through Congress at the beginning of the year.  If you want to read about the control that the U.S. government now has over your health care, read this article that we recently posted about it:


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